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Do not let early education become “Nightmare” for children

11:55 am


Progressive parents in Vietnam have been learning and applying relevant early education for their children. However, applying a method when parents don't really understand can lead to mistakes, which can have significant consequences.

Why do experts think that the first six years of a child's life are so important? This is a period of brain development along with a clear formation of a child’s intelligence and personality. Benjamin Bloom, an American psychologist, after years of research,  came to the conclusion: If at the age of 17 a person's intelligence can develop 100%, then at 4 years of age, the child's intelligence has reached 50%, by the age of 8, developed by 80%; From 8 years old to 17 years old, a child develops a maximum of 20%. This shows that the later education, the less potential human brain is encouraged.


However, early education does not mean "cramming"

The pressure in the "race" for early education means that  many parents think that early education is necessary to cram children to be literate, able to read, write, and calculate.

Shichida Makoto , an educator said that "early education is the education of the soul" because the soul is the guide for the intellect, the element that makes up a person's quality. Early education focuses primarily on nurturing a young soul, cultivating self-confidence, and motivating efforts with the love of parents.


Everything parents are doing, interacting with and talking to their children every day is an early education. No method, nor any school can deliver a  better early education than parents themselves. Spending time playing with children, talking to children, reading to children, interacting with children, giving children many opportunities to experience, discover and respect, is the perfect way to educate children.

Early digital education: Convenient for mothers, effective for children

You know that we teach children consciously, but children learn unconsciously, they do not know that it is learning. Early education is therefore a harmonious combination of learning and playing. With the activities full of fun and excitement, children are always happy to brainstorm, focus attention as well as receive knowledge in a natural way

In addition to frequently interacting with children, many modern parents choose apps with an educational and entertainment content integrated into early education. In fact, it's hard for parents to ban children from using technology, so instead of banning, choose a reasonable time and environment for children, which contains many new things that invite children to explore that will benefit their intellectual, emotional and skill development.


With a significant video sources and leading localized content along with a  culturally friendly Vietnamese approach, Chích Chòe is the one app for all learning and playing needs.

Children can explore reading, shapes and math with beautiful, cute graphics from the Badanamu detachment. Cheerful music makes children excited and learns effectively.


The lessons from the journey of the cute Boom Chika Boom will help them not only have great skills, but also show them how responsible they are for their own lives. The stories from the brave Tayo bus about lessons on transportation, friendship along with Paopao boy will also give the children a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Chích Chòe's videos, games to teach phonics, counting, music, crafts, etc. run on a completely modern application platform to help parents approach and understand their children's emotions through colorful and innovative educational content and interactive games. This is one of the best ways for children to have an environment that stimulates their intellect, creativity, and interest in themselves while feeling their parents' love.


Bilingual videos from Chích Chòe with well-edited speech and language can help the child access to a variety of languages ​​from an early age. Children are also immersed in the lovely playful melodies of the penguins, cute buses, except that the lyrics have been adapted for Vietnam, easy to remember and memorize to help stimulate imagination, creative thinking, and an increased ability to perceive sophistication. In particular, to experience Chích Chòe, parents do not have to worry about being bothered by advertisements or unhealthy content.

Chích Chòe helps to evoke potential including language, mathematical logic, music, introspective, communication interaction, spatial vision, nature and children's movement. With the function of supporting parents to understand the play time of children, through the filtering function of content, parents can be assured for their children experience appropriate content.

Source: Chích Chòe


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