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After many days of expectation, KidsLoop Play has been official announcement and is available on all current mobile app stores. This is a new learning and playing app exclusively for children from 0-6 years old. With the predetermined mission, surely in the future, KidsLoop Play will bring an innovation about emotional education for children.

KidsLoop Play is a brand new app that helps children approach the world in the most natural way through exciting, colorful videos and interesting games. Thereby, the parents get more interested and more understandable the feelings of children to have better communication.

KidsLoop Play has a extremely noble missions. It is nurturing and developing emotional intelligence for children as well as protecting and preserving the core values ​​and happiness of Vietnamese families.

According to KidsLoop Play, emotional intelligence is very important. Most developed countries always put emotional intelligence at top in raising children. But in Vietnam it seems forgotten because parents only focus on smart intelligence for children. This leads to an imbalance in children. It is this reason that KidsLoop Play has appeared to help parents have right thoughts in education their children, contributing to building small joys creates great happiness for Vietnamese families.

To create a erudite KidsLoop Play like today is definitely indispensable to the presence of partners. Thanks to Iconix, Calm Island, Ashubia, Imira, Dream factory, Grafizix and many other partners who have been and will be accompanying with KidsLoop Play in the future.

Features only available in KidsLoop Play

In the Vietnamese education, it is difficult to find a product that has both learning and playing for children from 0-6 years old. Although, on the world, there are too much, KidsLoop Play is self-confidence that app can fair competition with them. All are based on three factors:

Firstly, KidsLoop Play is fully translated into Vietnamese, being censored and guaranteed Vietnamese language standard and quality, the education content prioritizes on language and emotions. If you have experienced the KidsLoop Play application, you will realize threat KidsLoop Play very diverse topics, the content is also attractive, the language is very simple helping child easier study. Furthermore, all products on app have been tightly censored, excluding harmful content affecting children. And there are 3 languages ​​available for parents choose.

Secondly, come on the KidsLoop Play, children will have a better feeling of about family and friends. Children will understand that how to create the attachment, love, daily behavior even helping others. Moreover, through the video clips, children will be exciting about around the world. Since then, promoting children closer to the nature, animals and motivating children to explore the world. KidsLoop Play hopes, through videos, child will be a better awareness of loving and caring for animals as well as protecting the environment. This will be a great luggage for children to firmly step forward in the future.

Finally, the KidsLoop Play hope through play hours, parents and children have fun experiences together. Unlike other apps, KidsLoop Play always has special activities for parents when use the app. Since then, children cannot use the app alone that parents always support beside them. Parents can play with children, watch video games even help them buy favorite items on the app. Thenceforth, parents will take form a habit learning and playing with child. Like this, small family is always full of laughter, avoiding the situation of children abusing too much affecting their health.

How to install app

KidsLoop Play is an advanced learning and entertainment application for kids and families. KidsLoop Vietnam provides contents for early education, language development, emotional intelligence, digital classrooms ... with the background of a variety of videos and images from great content providers in the world. KidsLoop Play is a strategic partner of Calm Island and Badanamu ESL in Vietnam.

Apple Store: KidsLoop Play
Google Play: KidsLoop Play

How to buy packages subscription from Telcos

Text to 1548 as this Syntax

DK [Name of Package] => Text to 1548


  • You shall to registration one of packages for free 3G, 4G on Mobile and Table to watch videos on KidsLoop Play.

  • After registration, you can access and be applied this promotion via apps. Please restart your 3G,4G or your devices to have the high speed of 3G, 4G. If you want to cancel this Pakage or exchange this Package to other one, please cancel the current package and re-registration. Automatic renewal service if you do not need to Cancel.


  • Your Password will be saved in Registration Text. Text MK to 1548 if you need to recover your password.

  • Text HD to 1548 for the introduction.

  • Call 08 869 01166 (normal fee) for other information.


  • Saving 30% Discount when you use the Mobifone Package.

  • Watching videos on Kidsloop Play in free of charge 3G and 4G even without wifi.

  • You will have more choices and different ways to enjoy KidsLoop Play when you choose the higher Package: More basic Knowledge, More Emotional Content and More High Quality Vietnamese Localization Videos.

Source: KidsLoop VN