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Benefits of Early Childhood Education

11:52 am


Early childhood education is recognized as playing an integral part in a child’s development and future success.

Increase in Vocabulary Development and Cognitive Abilities

Early childhood education helps children increase their vocabulary by familiarizing them with words and their meanings. According to Rand Corporation Research, early education has lasting benefits, showing increases in IQ levels and cognitive abilities (i.e. understanding both concrete and abstract thought).

Behavioral and Social Improvements

Children exposed to early childhood education can be more prepared to interact with adults and other children and understand what is socially appropriate in the home, classroom and public places.

Economic Benefits for the Community

According to Legal Momentum’s Family Initiative and the MIT Workplace Center, early childhood education not only directly benefits the child and immediate family, but the community at large. Children who are educated early are less likely to need special education and more likely to finish high school and go to college. All this adds to the economic vitality of the workforce and the health of the community at large. In fact, studies show that every dollar invested in early education generates $7 in the future.




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